Leighton Stephens aka "JACQUES CLICHE"

Leighton Stephens “Jacque Cliché” has toured the globe extensively presenting his hilarious Circus/Comedy shows. With his loveable happy go lucky character he has the audience in the palm of his hand creating delightful audience interaction and performing highly skilled acrobatic manoeuvers on the Chinese pole. He is without doubt one of Australia’s finest street theatre showmen, a true professional in the art of creating outdoor spectacle.

Skills: Chinese Pole, Acrobatics, Object Manipulation, Physical Comedy

Some Festivals include: Berlin Lacht Festival (Germany), Chasspiere (Belgium), Penabilli (Italy) Valladiold (Spain), The Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Scotland), Fun Fest (Bendigo), Woodford Folk Festival, Big Laugh Out (Melb. Int. Comedy Fest.)


Jacques Cliche        Jacques Cliches Edinburgh