Judith Lanigan

A comedy of musical stunts about love, loss, and cowboys performed by hula hoop virtuosa Judith Lanigan. 

Judith Lanigan is a circus and street theatre artist, and award winning author. She studied her circus speciality - hula hoops- at the Moscow State Circus School. In 2000 Lanigan created The Dying Swan as a circus and street theatre act  and documented her experiences in an award winning book - 'A True History of the Hula Hoop' published by Picador in 2009. The Dying Swan was developed into a solo theatre clown show - Swansong.  In 2012 Lanigan commenced work on The Truth About Clowns - a travelogue into the world where Clowns live to collect philosophy -with the assistance of Arts Victoria. In 2013 Lanigan also created a musical stunt show The Last of the Reckless Jacksons circus.

Judith Lanigan Reckless Kellys     Judith Lanigan Ring of fire